Headlines from Our Current Issue

  • Not All Covid Lawsuits Are Force Majeure: 9th Circuit Upholds Virus Exclusion in Case Involving Chattanooga Lookouts
  • The Cleveland Guardians Sue the Cleveland Guardians
  • Veteran Team General Counsel Phil Weinberg Passes Away Suddenly
  • Astroworld Reminds Us — Semper Vigilans
  • T-Mobile Park is Not Safe Yet in ADA Sightlines Court Case
  • Waivers Signed by NFL Players Present Problems and Confusion
  • Money Holds a Solution to Match-Fixing Problems in Friendlies
  • Gruden’s Claim He Is the Victim of an NFL Conspiracy Is Offensive to Those He Victimized
  • Major League Soccer Gets Props for Racial and Gender Hiring
  • Study: NFL Failed to Follow Policy in Punishing Violent Offenses
  • Two ‘Greek Freak’ Lawsuits over the Same Trademark Lead to Different Outcomes

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